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first the good. a heroes welcome in california for this eight-year-old war dog who saved hundreds of lives. u.s. military troops, luca, a german shepherd lost her left leg in afghanistan. now she travels the country promoting a working dog memorial. next the bad. this grocery worker tried to jump the chain but doesn't quite get the height needed. takes down the shelves, spilling food over the aisles. he wasn't hurt. the ugly. a 49ers fan forget it is only a game. she is hysterical after ravens beat san francisco in the super bowl. the fan can't hold back those tears. she says she is a life long fan of the 49ers. maybe not his hysterical but she was crying. >> it is time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we've been talking about the super bowl all morning. earlier we asked you what
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your favorite moment of that game was and here are your responses. >> thanks to everyone who responded. what a fun party you went to? >> it was great. we had a blast. left a little too late. >> like a lot of people. everybody have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: up too late? never. good morning, everybody. today is monday, february 4. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day and you're not a little too tired after staying up late. the ravens return to baltimore this morning world champs despite a bizarre blackout that
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brought the super bowl to a screeching halt. now we know exactly what went wrong. we'll tell you. >>steve: it wasn't all football. who could forget commercials like this one? >> we're out of milk. we're going to run down the best and worst of 2013. good morning to you, brian kilmeade. >>brian: thank you. the rock and i go way back. i'll go over that relationship which has hit a roadblock. along with the hoopla surrounding the super bowl, i had a chance to go to baton rouge, louisiana, to the governor's mansion and speak to governor bobby jindal exclusively. you'll see both parts of that interview as we get started on "fox & friends" this monday.
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>> look at him go. he is flying! inside the 20! a kickoff return. 109 yards. >>gretchen: the ravens kobe jones with a 108-yard kickoff return. the ravens all the rave this morning beating the 49ers to win super bowl xlvii. good morning everybody. live from new york and still in new orleans, brian kilmeade. >>steve: brian, it looks as if you are in your attorney's office. what happened? >>brian: i have a library in louisiana i said if i'm going to stay monday, i'm going to get work done. unlike backdrops, these are actual books. when everyone got google and binge, everyone gave up their encyclopedias and brought them here. >>gretchen: pull one out. >>brian: how about this, the annals of america, i'm
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going to read. the governor represented a fuller explanation during his interview. i'll read more during the break. >>steve: from what you're doing right there right now, i would imagine you left bourbon street about five minutes ago. >>brian: you are lying. the game was over four hours, as gretchen said in the open, 4 hours, 14 minutes, the longest super bowl in history. we had a quick turnaround, 90 minutes. we were on the field at midnight local time. it was one of those crazy days with a 35-minute blackout. >>steve: it was crazy. did you prepare a report for us this morning? >>brian: no. oh yeah, i did. in fact, i did. here's a look back at one of the most bizarre and, dare i say, electrifying super bowls of all time. >> when the cannons went off both teams were ready to play, but in reality it was the ravens, not the 49ers, going for the gold.
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joe flacco on fire. when jacoby jones cut the touchdown pass, the game looked almost over. for us, it was beyonce time. for san francisco, time to regroup. >> in the locker room, guys were saying come on, let's go. we have to believe. we have to keep our spirits high. >> third-quarter kickoff. more baltimore. jones again. 28-6. then the unprecedented, the unexpected. a 35-minute power outage. >> service will be restored momentarily. >> the setting surreal. but when the power returned, so did the 9er
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passion. colin kaepernick with his arm, with his feet. finally, we had a game. >> we made them throw the ball. he had a hard time beating us, but he got going. the kid can play. >> down by 5, essentially would come down to one last play. >> the baltimore ravens have captured super bowl xlvii. >> something you dream about as a kid. i've been fortunate enough to be in this game and to have this experience, and it's unbelievable. >> to see my kids and to bring them this championship now where they can understand what daddy talks about when i talk about hard work and never quitting and always believing in your dreams and your goals, there's no better reward as a father
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to win a ring on your last ride. >> for awhile it was kind of a dull game and then it got excited again. >>brian: it was one-sided for awhile but then it got a quick call because of the air conditioning and the lights. then it looked like the whole stadium went on a administrator. they said -- went on a dimmer. they said at 2:30 in the afternoon they had a power outage, they said they thought they solved it. they didn't solve it. so new orleans who did such a good job all week long, unfortunately, this could give them trouble if they want this game back in 2018. did you guys lose transmission? you were not able to see the game? >>steve: what entergy, the management company at the superdome, they say there was an abnormality. the twitter verse is lighted up with the possible that it is a
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conspiracy thing, somehow the chinese were able to do a cyber attack. >>gretchen: i thought they were blaming beyonce. twitter ter fans said she was just so hot she took all the electricity out. i went to bed and missed the second-half comeback of the 49ers. i went to bed thinking the ravens were going to win. i woke up thinking they did. >>brian: i was reviewing some this morning. you guys did take in the commercials. you have your favorite? >>steve: before we show our favorites, we should tell you "usa today," the newspaper and on-line site, for years have done this thing called the ad meter. the number-one television commercial was from anheuser-busch. it was actually very, very touching. it was like a clydesdale reunion, about a guy who raises clydesdale and three years later he has a reunion with one of his
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horses at a big city parade. >>gretchen: and the horse remembers him which is the end of the important relationship there. in the spirit of full disclosure, brian and steve, i have to tell you that some of the ones i really, really liked i didn't really see in entirety. my daughter saw some of them and told me. when i went to the bathroom she said you missed the most fantastic commercial. we were at a party. you get talking and i was like i'm supposed to be watching the commercials. >>steve: did you run the d.v.r. backwards? >>gretchen: no. i was at somebody else's house. that would have been rude. >>steve: we'll go there some of the ones we liked. first, it's hard to beat the rock. the rock's kids needed some milk. >> we're out of milk. >>steve: what does he do? a situation where he goes for milk, but along the way there are all sorts of things that he needs to tend to. he needs to help get the cat out of the tree and stop the bank robbery.
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>>gretchen: that looks very cute. i missed that one. did you have another one? >>steve: i did. fantastic. there you go. start your day with milk. i love the fact that ram, dodge ram for their pickup trucks, from the milk truck to the pickup truck used the voice of paul harvey. he of course died in 2009. and it was a terrific salute to america's farmers. >>brian: i thought that was good. i also liked tide. what bothered me about tide is you had to wait till the end to get the product. i remember if you're tide, are you happy waiting a minute to see tide with the magic joe montana saying on the jersey. i loved that theme. i wonder if i owned tide, i would say could you mention
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tide earlier? >>steve: you just mentioned tide eight times. mission accomplished. >>gretchen: i think that is the point to wait till the end for the payoff. the one i thought was fantastic was the jeep ad with oprah and of course honoring the troops and kids. i believe it was two minutes long before you finally realized that once again it was actually an ad because it was about troops coming home. this is the one that i missed almost in its entirety. i came back from using the restroom and my daughter was telling me how fantastic this one was narrated by oprah. very moving and of course talking about our troops. then the other one, guys, come on, how could i not choose this one that you're about to see? i mean, i have to tell you that -- >>steve: is this an ad for tide too? >>gretchen: no. i hope his calvin kleins are clean. everyone did stop
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conversation at the party when this one came on, so i could see the entire thing and easily mail in and say, yes, i like this one. >>brian: is that somebody famous? >>gretchen: no. >>brian: steve, i finally saw somebody with better abs than you. >>steve: brian, your favorite was? >>brian: i'm going with the tide ad. everyone e-mail us, whatever you want, tell us your favorite ad and tell us why. if you just enjoyed it or was it effective? >>steve: brian, when you were doing your pitch, you just had a blackout. >>brian: sorry about that. >>steve: just like that. there from the lawyer's office. don't touch the cam rafplt also, folks out there, according to entergy, it was simply an abnormality. what do you think caused the power to go out last night? new orleans at the superdome? e-mail us that as well. >>gretchen: i thought you were asking brian.
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brian, read a few more books while we go to commercial break. while i read some headlines, and we'll come back and see -- >>steve: you want to hear out of the book instead of the headlines? >>brian: there are almost daily complaints about some aspect of drug usage in our society. >>gretchen: that could be a headline. >>steve: that's deep. >>gretchen: in a few hours president obama will ramp up his campaign-style push for new gun control legislation. he's heading to minnesota to focus on that state's efforts to curb gun violence. the president's plan? he had a heated topic on fox news sunday for both sides of the issue. >> and there are some commonsense things we can do to make this country a lot safer. universal criminal background check, identifying the mentally ill and getting those records into the system. >> there's going to be fees. there's going to be paper work. there's going to be law-abiding people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare. and there's going to be
3:14 am
abuse in terms of prosecutions. and it's all going to affect only the law-abiding people. the criminals could care less. >>gretchen: many gun rights advocates concerned the president's plan impacts on the second amendment. at least eight people died, dozens injured after a tour bus crashes into two vehicles into a mountain road in southern california. officials said it had brake troubles. crashed into a car, flipped over and crashed into a truck towing a trailer. several people ejected, others trapped inside. it took them almost two hours to rescue everyone. the day before, a tour bus crashed in boston. britain's lost king found? a skeleton found in the parking lot is said to be that of king richard iii.
3:15 am
today's announcement supports the theory his battle card body was -- battle scarred body was buried there. >>steve: straight head, he vowed not to raise taxes and his state is thriving. now louisiana governor jindal says he wants to share his tips with our present. brian's exclusive interview with that man interview with that man next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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>>steve: the super bowl in louisiana and louisiana governor bobby jindal is fighting hard to turn around that state's economy. when it comes to the issue the health care, the governor is going head to head with the president. >>gretchen: brian met up with the governor down in baton rouge. what did you find out,
3:19 am
brian? >>brian: it was ironic yesterday. governor jindal is talking about knocking taxes down to zero for the people in louisiana. watch. >> since i've been governor, for example, we've got 17,000 fewer government jobs, government positions. we've got now our state budget is 26% smaller. i made it absolutely clear we're not going to raise taxes, but look at what's happened. per capita income, our sri lanka hiren -- our rank is higher than 80 years. for five years in a row we've had more people move into the state rather than leave the state. >>brian: phil mickelson deserves credit by bringing this front and center. i'll paraphrase. i'm giving away 60% of my income. you are looking to do what california is not. that is knock their state tax down to zero. how do you make up that revenue if you want to join florida and texas? >> in louisiana, we've got the fourth-lowest state local tax burden. we're actually a little bit lower than texas even.
3:20 am
but we rank 32nd worse in our tax code. we have 468 exemptions, loopholes and credit. for example, we have a corporate income tax in this state. we collect $2 billion. we give back $1.8 billion. we only net $200 million. part of how you make up that revenue is get rid of the loopholes, credits, give-aways and say why are we taking money from people's pockets, sending it to baton rouge and giving it to special interest groups. some of those loophole credits, people don't remember why it was put there. >>brian: you've got to make up $3.3 billion worth of revenue and a lot of people are concerned he's going to raise sales tax and that is when i'm going to get slammed. how do you address that? >> we might have to raise sales tax a little bit. but at the end of the day louisiana families are going to be better off. a consumption tax philosophically is better than an income tax. i don't think you should be punishing more people, when they're investing their money. what worries me about
3:21 am
washington, d.c. is they're worried about growing government jobs, not private sector jobs. getting rid of the income tax allows us to grow private sector jobs. >>brian: the main thing you want to get the president's attention on is medicaid. you want to sit down with him and republican governors. what kind of response have you gotten from president obama because they're asking you to go with, in your words, a 1960's model. you studied medicare for two years before you got this job. >> governors know what it takes to make medicaid work. it is outdated, based on 1960's medicine. it makes no sense to add people to a program that is already inefficient, breaking state budgets. instead of a one size fits all benefit package, let the states decide how they want to do eligibility and benefits. these are the ideas that collectively could state the states and federal government billions of dollars. >>brian: you've seen this president for four and a half years. do you believe you're going
3:22 am
to get a return phone call? >> i'm going to continue to be optimistic. the reality is i'd love to see the law repealed and replaced. they need to listen to governors and hear our thoughts on how we can make medicare for effective for our beneficiaries and taxpayers. >>brian: he could be in new york. he talks very quick. he's certainly familiar with the numbers. the next time you see him he's going to talk about the republican party and his direct criticism and where he wants to take them. >>gretchen: a man waving knives in front of ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder...
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>>gretchen: if you're just waking up, 24 minutes after the top of the hour. some quick headlines. in a few hours a funeral will be held in manhattan for former new york city mayor ed koch. bill clinton will help remember koch. clinton attending the
3:26 am
funeral on behalf of president obama. delta giving a new look to airport lounges. the airline will debut the first ever outdoor terraces this summer in atlanta and at new york's jfk airport. the sky decks will give a unique outdoor view of your runway but you'll have to be part of delta's tpraoebgt flier program -- frequent flier program to be able to check it out. >>steve: cool but i bet it will be noisy. you may have not heard about this because the white house released it quietly on friday. the president changed course on the controversial issue of forcing companies to provide employees with birth control even if it is against that company's beliefs. and that organization's belief. many religious organizations and affiliated organizations. but is there a catch? joining us from d.c. is senior policy advisor for the catholic association. maureen, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you. >>steve: when we heard the department of health and human services changed their mind, we thought over 40 organizations have sued
3:27 am
them because what they have done is clearly against the law. it must have given you heart. and then you took a look at it, and it's nothing. >> it's right. i wouldn't characterize this as a change of course at all. this is really just political window dressing that is designed to distract from the heart of this policy, which is real government overreach, forcing people of faith to violate the tenets of their faith. and we're not talking about some obscure group here. people forget the catholic church is the nation's largest nongovernmental provider of social services. health care education, charity, out there every day caring for the least among us. yet, they're being threatened with massive government fines, crippling government fines, being forced into lawsuits to defend their religious liberty. and this just shouldn't be happening in a country that was founded on principles of religious liberty. >>steve: i agree with you completely. let's take a look at the change according to the
3:28 am
department of health and human services. they say nonprofit religious employers will be able to opt out of the obamacare mandate, but insurers will be required to provide the coverage which includes both standard birth control and items like the morning-after pill. in other words, if you're a catholic charity, you per se, the money for those drugs won't come out of your pocket but probably going to come out of your insurance company's pocket. >> there's 80 pages of new regulations. they came up with a kind of repackaged accounting gimmick, new schemes to move paper work around. but the essential, the heart of this is that the nature of insurance is that it comes through the employer and it's forcing employers like, say, catholic charities to provide free abortion drugs and birth control for their employees. and the government just shouldn't be overreaching in this way. this issue of conscience rights, it's always had a bipartisan consensus.
3:29 am
even president clinton's health care bill many years ago, he included broad conscience protections for people of faith, which of course was perfectly appropriate, in line with all of our laws and our constitution. but yet, president obama sadly has chosen to shadow that bipartisan consensus. you know, these regulations offer no protection whatsoever for private businesses like the example of hobby lobby, which is owned by a christian family. they don't want to give away free abortion drugs to their employees, so they have had to sue the federal government for their religious liberty rights. but yet, they're being threatened with massive fines of $1.3 million a day. >>steve: i think the administration thought this was going to get all those lawsuits off their back, but it certainly will not. maureen, ferguson, senior policy advisor for the catholic association, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> next up on the rundown, an interesting school lesson.
3:30 am
second graders spell checking tweets of professional athletes. a lot of misspellings there. wait till you see what they found. the economy is shrinking, the unemployment rate is rising and we're drowning in debt. but the president says things are getting better. stu varney says maybe that's right but then again maybe not. first happy birthday to gavin degraw. he today has 38 candles on he today has 38 candles on his cake. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean.
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>>gretchen: let's look at your very cute shot of the morning. the puppy bowl m.v.p. this year the most valuable puppy is marta, a schnauzer beagle mix. she was one of the smaller pups on the field but showed big heart. she was called deceptively athletic as she ran a toy in for a touchdown. very cute. >>steve: that was before the super bowl. brian was there at the super bowl in its entirety, right through the 34-minute blackout as well. brian, the m.v.p. is? >>brian: joe flacco. this guy comes out of nowhere. he's getting a lot of abuse in baltimore. he can't win the big game, even though every year he's one at least one playoff
3:35 am
game. i don't think anyone else in history has done that. he comes from delaware. this is the year he wanted to emerge. this raven team had lost four of their last five games after crushing the giants they got on a roll. he walks away with the m.v.p., 22 of 33 for 287 skwrardz. three scores and clutch play in the fourth. he is going to be listed as one of the top five quarterbacks. as you can relate to, gretchen, it's a good time to have a contract be up. you want to go win the super bowl and get the m.v.p. and then go deal with the owner. wouldn't you think? >>gretchen: that usually does help in negotiations as far as your strategy and leverage. speaking of successful people, the two harbaugh brothers, one had to lose and one had to win. or you could say both won because they made it to the super bowl. how did they handle it? >>brian: i thought they handled it great. john came off all week as the older brother. he seemed like the guy as if he was in charge of the family. he held on to the victory.
3:36 am
jim fell short. i thought it was very interesting that jim really thought that last play should have been flagged when they had a chance in the end zone. john is like that is not the way the game is played. it goes to show you they don't agree on everything. i believe we have a sound bite with john talking about jim. >> there is no greater competitor, there is no greater coach in the national football league or in the world, as far as i'm concerned, than jim harbaugh. >>brian: you saw everybody. i saw mrs. harbaugh walking into the elevator. a lot of them were saying they weren't going to watch the game once it started; they were too nervous. john's wife told me we didn't watch any of the media all week long. >>steve: i thought mrs. harbaugh may have been behind the blackout. if the lights were out, they can't play. both of her sons -- it would have been a tie. last night was supposed to be ray lewis's last game. but is he really retiring? >>brian: no doubt about it. ray lewis is done.
3:37 am
37 years old as a linebacker. he has already defied the odds. he still played with that torn try accept. i think -- tricep. i think ray lewis goes to the broadcast booth. word is he's already signed with espn. he's not going to be out of the limelight for long. he says he wants to watch his kids play high school football and you can't do that while you're playing football. so that is it. >>gretchen: brian, read a few more books in your library. we're going through a couple of headlines. we're now one week into that alabama hostage standoff. more details emerge about the suspect at the center of it. neighbors are painting a picture of 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes as a lower than, estranged from his family. police say he's making his five-year-old hostage as comfortable as possible, supplying him with food, toys and medicine. on sunday hundreds of people gathered to remember bus driver charles poland,
3:38 am
the 66-year-old hailed hero for protecting the other kids on the bus before he was shot and killed. a big admission from defense secretary leon panetta. he became the highest ranking member of the obama administration to admit enhanced interrogation techniques helped find osama bin laden. his comments come amid criticism of the movie zero dark thirty. panetta protecting the country's slow response to the incident in benghazi. >> this is not 911. you cannot call and expect within two minutes to have a team in place. it takes time. that's the nature of it. >>gretchen: panetta scheduled to testify before the senate armed services committee thursday about the attack. >>steve: take a look at this. a man wielding a knife tasered outside buckingham palace yesterday. the incident happened in the middle of the changing of the guard ceremony. the man held one knife to
3:39 am
the throat of another and another knife to the chest of a guy. then he lunged at a cop when he tried to intervene. that is when he was tasered and arrested and pinned. queen elizabeth and prince phillip were not at the palace at the time. >>gretchen: second graders spell checking tweets of professional athletes. students at elm wood franklin school in buffalo, new york, spotsed this mistake. each week i pray to god i'm never dying -- d-i-e-n-g. let's not recommend they spell check my tweets. i'm multitasking and sometimes make a few
3:40 am
mistakes. during the super bowl interview, president obama said the country is poised for growth. >> there is a way for us to solve these budget problems in a responsible way through a balanced approach that the vast majority of people agree with. if we do that, there is no reason why we can't have really strong growth in 2013. we can't have washington dysfunction getting in the way. >>steve: darned washington. after four years of the president's less than stellar economic policies, can he really promise growth in the future? stu varney joins us live. he was talking about the fourth quarter of last year the country contracted >>steve: there is always an excuse. we've had a dismal performance by the economy for four years. it's dismal. actually it's getting worse. but there is always an excuse. the tsunami, arab spring, republicans, president bush, you name it. there is always an excuse. so out comes the president and says we can have strong
3:41 am
growth in 2013 if washington gets out of the way. what we're saying is we've got dismal growth now. in fact, the economy is contracting. but wait, accept this mediocrity and things will get better in the future. this is very difficult to swallow, is it not? the numbers are dismal. we're being asked to accept this as mediocrity. this is the new normal. the new normal is mediocre growth. but, wait, it will get better if just washington gets out of the way. the president never looks at his own policies as a reason for this dismal performance. in fact, he's got a double down on those old policies thinking this time around they'll work. he's going to raise taxes some more. and he says you raise taxes, you spend some more, you ignore the debt, and, yes, we will get growth in 2013. it doesn't add up. >>gretchen: in fact, he talked last night about closing the loopholes. he almost reversed what he was against before. he was against, when mitt
3:42 am
romney was talking about let's close these loopholes and we can get some more revenue, and the president was against it when he was campaigning against mitt romney. then last night when asked the question, he said let's close the loopholes. >> he wants more revenue from wealthy people. he's already raised tax rates. we're seeing that happen. now he wants to close these so-called loopholes, which are essentially deductions available to everybody. close those and take some more money off wealthy people. and the president believes that that is the way you get growth in the economy. a lot of people would severely disagree with that. >>gretchen: the problem is it's not enough money to make up for all the money we're spending. >> nowhere near. >>steve: when the president talks about dysfunction in washington, he's giving himself a pass. piece hafrt washington and -- he's part of washington, and yet it's those guys. how does he get away with that? >> i think the media encourages this view. >>steve: the mainstream media might be on his side?
3:43 am
>> yes. the media is entirely in the bag for this kind of economic policy. i was in chicago over the weekend. this is the headline in "the chicago tribune." not too hot, not too cold economy. what? >>steve: they're quoting goal did -- goldilocks. >> the unemployment rate is going up and we're drowning in debt, but the media cheerleading for the president is saying not too hot, not too cold. everything is fine. we're going to hit $17 trillion total debt in the fall of this year. that's not okay. >>gretchen: i imagine you'll be talking about that headline and more when people join you on "varney and company today" 9:20 eastern time. >>steve: you can now deduct because you showed it on television, the cost of that newspaper. >> excellent. >>steve: oh, they're taking away your
3:44 am
deductions. straight ahead, chaos erupting across the middle east. is the president's plan to cut our budget really a good idea? >>gretchen: 911 is supposed to be a life line, but not anymore. one city won't be one city won't be responding to some calls. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:47 am
>>gretchen: quick headlines for you. don't call 911 if your car gets stolen in chicago. the new dispatch strategy eliminating police officers from responding to non-life threatening situations. the move is supposed to free up cops so they can respond to more serious crimes. there's a zebra on the loose? but have no fear. not actually real. a zoo in tokyo holding a disaster drill in case animals ever do he is kaeufplt -- animals ever do
3:48 am
escape. a zoo employee was in the costume. brian? >>brian: everyone talks about spending cuts. you know the first place they want to cut on the democratic side any way? it is defense spending. they feel republicans will come to the table because they fear defense spending cuts. joining us is concerned veterans for america president who understands what it is like to get the funding and what it would be like not to get the funding. how concerned are people in the military about what could be coming our way march 1? >> very concerned. news reports talk about what's going to happen. one recently talked about the navy. we're going to have less ships. they're going to move less. they're going to train less. they're going to be maintained much less. therefore, they're not going to be able to deploy to respond to threats and project power as necessary. the constitution mandates providing for national defense and our military guarantor of our freedom. if we don't maintain that, everything else goes way.
3:49 am
at the same time every veteran understands there is fat to be cut from the defense department. let's reform it. the nature of these sequester cuts is to take a meat ax to the budget. let's reform the defense budget and look at the largest drivers of our deficit in mandate spending programs those on the left end of the spectrum don't want to cut. >>brian: they took gates cuts and are going try to up them by $500 billion. leon panetta takes over from them. has the same fear. here's what he said yesterday on "meet the press." >> we've got a plan for that possibility because there are so many members saying we're going to let it take place, but i have to tell you it is irresponsible for it to happen. i mean, why -- why in god's name would members of congress elected by the american people take a step that would badly damage our national defense, but more importantly undermine the support for our men and women in uniform?
3:50 am
why would you do that? >>brian: that is inaccurate. it is the president who proposed these sequester cuts. this isn't congress doing that. and republican fear about these cuts, would you say that's accurate? >> i would say it's accurate. there is a growing resignation to them on the hill for some reason. i was there two weeks ago. everyone seems resigned to the fact this is going to happen and the administration is pointing the finger back at congress. and i think everyone needs to look at where the buck stops and say this is a moment where if you don't want these sequester cuts to happen, which the president said he doesn't want to happen, it's going to require leadership at the top to actually forge a deal that finds specific cuts where necessary but avoids the draconian cuts that are going to hit defense. congress is dysfunctional, we get that. but ultimately you move out of that dysfunction by providing leadership at the top. the president has been awol on specific ways to reform spending to avoid dramatic cuts that everyone agrees
3:51 am
are no good for our defense. >>brian: they say it is not going to affect personnel, but we know it's different. thanks for your insight, captain. we appreciate it. >>steve: we also had the lights go out at the super bowl, and donald trump says the country is being run just like the stadium. he joins us at the top of the hour. he always gets the funny line. did you know part of being successful is being a psychopath? do you have it in you? we're taking the test as well.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
>>gretchen: welcome back. have you ever wondered what driving successful people to the top? our next guest says they have one character. they are psychopaths. he is the author of "the wisdom of psychopaths." dr. dutton is my guest from london. good morning. tell us about these psychopathic attributes that can help somebody achieve success. starting with charm. >> well, it's true, isn't it, gretchen? no sooner than the word psychopath goes out than images like ted bundy come to our mind. when psychologists talk about psycho paths they are talking about a specialized group of individuals with a subset of personality characteristics such as ruthlessness, fearlessness, self-confidence, focus, coolness under pressure, charm, charisma and that trademark lack of empathy and conscience.
3:56 am
if you think about these characteristics as being the dials on a studio mixing desk, then you reach two conclusions. the first one is being a psychopath is not an all or nothing affair but rather it's on a spectrum each of us has. secondly, there is no one correct definitive configuration that these dials might be setting, but rather the most effective combination depends on the particular set of circumstances that you might happen to find yourself in. by the same token, certain professions, certain jobs might demand that some of those dials on the mixing desk might be turned up a little bit higher than the norm. might demand what we might call a bit of precision engineered -- >>gretchen: what you say is the people who have this driveability, they are not psychopaths because they have the ability to turn it on and off and you need characteristics like that if you're a c.e.o., a lawyer, if you're in the
3:57 am
media? >> absolutely. in 2011 i launched the great british psychopath survey. participants were directed on my sweat where they -- on to my website where they completed a questionnaire which cites psychopathic characters in the general population. they had to list their employment details. there were certainly a few surprises. c.e.o.s came up as number one. we also had lawyers. we had the media. but we also had church people as well which was very interesting. >>gretchen: people on the other side of having more human empathy jobs would be care aide, nurse, therapists, to name a few. it's a very interesting, interesting read. "the wisdom of psychopaths." you can go on-line and take the test to see how many of these characteristics you have. dr. kevin dutton, thanks. i'll tweet about your book as well. have a great day. >> thanks, gretchen.
3:58 am
>>gretchen: coming up, louisiana governor bobby jindal and harsh words for his own party. >> in our society, i'm going to remember granny going over the cliff with the republicanss tossing him. how do you dumb it down and win an election? >>gretchen: should america's female spies look more like this? women at the d.i.a. told to women at the d.i.a. told to look more attractive. weight watchers online worked for us.
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who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it is february 4, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i have hope you're gonna have a great day. did you go to sleep when the lights went out on the super bowl like i did? well, we've got your highlights just in case. the comeback? the win, and what went wrong with the power down there? >> steve: the president sits down with cbs again and talks about raising tax money again. didn't your paycheck just shrink
4:02 am
enough? donald trump here to react. now down to new orleans. >> brian: the republican party taking on not by the democratic party, but by an up and coming star like bobby jindal. does he regret is that? we get started on "fox & friends". >> look at him go! he's flying! >> gretchen: ravens all the rave this morning, beating the 49ers to win super bowl xlvii. welcome, everybody. >> steve: today we're live in
4:03 am
new york and new orleans as well and brian kilmeade was dispatched there to figure out did beyonce sing live or was she lip syncing last night, brian? >> brian: you know i grew up in the music industry, so i could tell. beyonce and destiny's child got back together, i think, even though it's not my brand of music, i thought it was phenomenal. i can nod believe how quick they put everything together with the light show and water and everything else. i thought she sang. she said she would absolutely sing and said the only reason i didn't sing for the president, she didn't practice. clearly she practiced. the most amazing thing is that 30-minute break the player high school to deal with, a little later on they had to deal with a 35 minute break because of the power outage which was just flat out a power outage at the biggest game of the year with the whole world watching. it was mystifying. the air conditioning stopped. a lot of people in the super dome were saying, here we go again. >> steve: we'll tell folk what is we know about the outage as of this morning in just a
4:04 am
moment. first, let's relax and enjoy the headlines and it has to do with the super bowl. >> gretchen: the raves reining supreme in the super bowl. >> the ravens have won it 34 : 31. >> gretchen: baltimore up by 22 points in the first half. right after the first run in the third quarter, at least. surviving an amazing comeback by the 49ers to pull off the win. it's the ravens' second super bowl championship. what everyone is talking about this morning was the light problem there. lights out for super bowl for both teams, half of the super dome losing power. flacco and kaepernick staring into the darkness. they played again after a 34-minute delay. in other news, in a few hours, president obama will ramp up his support for gun control legislation. the president's plans a heated topic on fox news sunday for
4:05 am
both sides of the issue. >> there is some common sense things we can do to make this country a lot safer. universal criminal background check, identifying the mentally spill getting those records into the system. >> you've already said you're not going to computerize the mental health records. shear what will happen. we ought to quit calling it a universal check. the real title ought to be the check on law abiding people all over this country. >> gretchen: many gun rights advocates concerned it will impacted the second amendment. at least eight people died, dozens injured after a tour bus crashes in southern california. the bush returning to mexico from big bear had brake trouble. it slammed into the back of a car, flipping over and crashed into a truck, tow ago trailer. several people were ejected. it took almost two hours to rescue other victims trapped inside. less than a day before, students were injured when their bus slammed into an overpass in
4:06 am
boston. several remain in serious condition. g.i. jane coming to a family apartment near you. a former navy seal starting a company to match parents with the ultimate protection. female military veterans as care givers. jonathan gillian, who once served in seal team 6, the same one that took out osama bin laden, says his workers can change diapers as easily as reload a semiautomatic. they're also trained protect people. in this case, kids, with their own lives. those are your headlines. wonder what they charge an hour. >> steve: no kidding. but you come home, the kids will be safe. we continue the conversation down in new orleans with brian kilmeade and now let's dial in donald trump, the author of "time to get tough." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so everybody was watching at least part of the super bowl last night. the ravens won, what did you think? >> i thought the game was good. i thought having the power go out was really embarrassing.
4:07 am
maybe even to the country, because it's how the country was running. it's really, really an embarrassment. it was a bad thing, obviously, for television, for the nfl. but i thought i look at the bigger picture. i thought it was a bad thing fort country. it shows what's going on, whether it's infrastructure, whatever it is. a very, very embarrassing moment for the country. >> gretchen: you tweeted that during the game. you said this, the lights went out in new orleans, the country's lights went out also. we are not the same place. then you tweeted, the country is being run just like the stadium. did it come to you right away when that happened or did you give some thought or how did you make that conclusion? >> my twitter does so well because i do give it thought, but i put down what's on my mind. it seemed appropriate to me to put that down because frankly, if you look at what's going on with the country, if you look at contraction, i never heard the word contraction before. 2016, could be sooner, china
4:08 am
will overtake us as the great economic power. that was unthinkable five years ago, ten years ago. it was unthinkable. it's a very, very sad thing. very very sad. it's happening. it's going bad. >> steve: speak of china, it's funny, on twitterverse and internet, there are all these conspiracy theories floating around, do could have been thy chinese cyber hackers that took down the power grid fort super bowl on that one night. >> i don't think so. china is no friend of ours and i certainly don't think so. i think we have old infrastructure. we're spending all our money in other places. we're giving them trillions and trillions of dollars. we're really talking about the word trillion. yet, we don't rebuild our own country. what are we doing? we're letting our military down because if you saw obama last night, he's talking about cutting the military. i want to build up the military. look, we're a target for every country in the world and we're cutting our military.
4:09 am
so we can do things. we should be cutting obamacare because i have so many people that i know and friends that have businesses where obamacare is putting them out of business. >> brian: you know why? because they passed it, but nothing went into the fray, started for another 2 1/2 years. now it's beginning after the election is over. but donald, in the big picture, i was shocked to heart president say flat out, we need more revenue. he's going to need it from guys like you. >> he duped the republicans because the republicans, for whatever reason, didn't make the big deal. they made a little deal and that was a tax increase. and everybody thought that was going to be the end of it and once they got that, and i know from -- it's called negotiation 101. you negotiate and you do the right job. do we have people -- i'm a republican. do we have people that know ha ha -- what they're doing. they made the deal and right after it was made, it was forget about it. the deal was made, so it's forget about the deal. that was supposed to be the tax
4:10 am
increase. now they'll do other tax increases. i told you on your show that was going to happen. it's so basic. >> gretchen: let's listen to what the president said on cbs before the super bowl when he sat down with scott pelley. >> are you true raising tax rates? >> well, i don't think the issue right now is raising rates. the question is if we're going to be serious about reducing our deficit, can we combine some smart spending cuts. there are things we can do to reduce health care costs, and can we close some loopholes and deductions that folks who are well connected and have a lot of accountants and lawyers, if you combine those together, then we can not only reduce our deficit, but we can continue to invest in things like education and research and development that are going to help us grow. >> without raising rates again? >> without raising rates again. >> so i'm not hearing you say read my lips, no new. you think there is going to have to be additional revenue over the next four years. >> there is no doubt we need
4:11 am
additional revenue. >> steve: he's not going to raise the tax rates, closing loopholes, and getting rid of deductions and automatically a lot of people think, well, there goes my home mortgage interest deduction, or there goes my charitable deduction as well. some other high end stuff, because the government is a furnace that eats money like crazy and it needs more. >> that's true. a lot of those deductions affect a lot of people, and i'm not talking about rich people. and obviously they're affected. but a lot of people are affected to a much greater degree than them. this is adjust continuation, this is why i say you have to make the big deal. you have to make the big deal. one deal and get the country back on track and look, i'm so disappointed that the republicans, much more so than obama. obama is getting away with murder. it could have been stopped so easily. i'm very, very disappointed in our republican negotiators.
4:12 am
>> brian: so you agree when governor bobby jindal says we have to stop bag stupid party, you agree with that? >> no, i think he was stupid for using that term because that term is so obnoxious and so good for the other side that he should not have used that term because that term is going to be living now with the republican party for a long time, and they're going to have his face on television saying it for the next four years. i thought it was a really -- look, i speak ill of their negotiating abilities. i speak ill of certain things, they make mistakes. but i want to tell you, i thought that term used by the governor was a disgrace and he shouldn't have used it. i thought it was very demeaning to the republican party. whether you like the job they're doing or not, it's going to be used for a long time against the republican party. >> gretchen: but you don't obviously, because you do it yourself, you don't disagree with calling out republicans when you feel like they need to improve on certain things? >> north texas but you don't use the word stupid because the word stupid is now going to be a part of the vocabulary of the
4:13 am
democrats. they're going to be using bobby jindal's line, probably his face, saying it. i thought it was a horrible thing for him to say. frank ho, i think it was a stupid thing for him to say. >> brian: i ask him that when we come back in part 2 of our interview. i caught up with him in baton rouge. donald trump, did you have any money on the game? >> no, i thought it was going to be a very close game. i figured maybe san francisco might win. they're little bit of a hotter team. but i'll tell you, flacco was amazing as a quarterback. both teamser amazement the way they came back, the way san francisco came back was a great tribute to them. it was a very close game and it was ultimately a good game, but it was interrupted, very sadly, by the power failure. i have interesting news because bill maher promised the $5 million -- this is unrelated. $5 million, you have breaking news. big story. >> steve: what is it? >> he promised me $5 million for charity if i provided certain information. well, i provided the
4:14 am
information. he didn't pay. so today i sue bill maher for $5 million for charity. >> gretchen: wow. >> brian: you're suing bill maher? >> yes. my friends at "fox & friends" have it first. i'll sue him about 12:00 o'clock today. >> brian: for how much? >> $5 million, all going to charity. he said, if do you this -- he made me an offer. i accepted the offer immediately. and he didn't come through with the $5 million. he have made me a $5 milon offer on jay leno's show. so today i'm suing him on behalf of charity. i have no idea how it will turn out. >> steve: i read that on your twitter. you know what his attorney is going to say? look, he was only joking. >> they may. let's see what happens. i don't think he was joking. he said it with venom. that wasn't a joke. in fact, he was nervous when he said it. it was like a pathetic delivery. but he said, i will give, and i said, i will accept. so let's see what happens.
4:15 am
i had an obligation to the charities, so i haven't told anybody. i've just told you. good luck. >> gretchen: thanks very much for the exclusive. have a great week. we'll talk to you again. >> you, too. >> steve: breaking news. >> gretchen: coming up, why did louisiana governor bobby jindal call the republican party the stupid party? his answer in part 2 of brian's exclusive interview next. >> steve: plus, should american female spies look like the ladies we saw last night? the government weighs in [ emale announcer ] ready to mix things up with lean cuisine? try our entrees, snacks and new salads. wild salmon with basil, garlic chicken spring rolls, and now salads, like asian-style chicken. enjoy 100 delicious varieties under 400 calories. lean cuisine.
4:16 am
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4:19 am
our plans and visions for america in real terms. >> brian: you gave major address to the republican party and it's picked up by everyone a couple of days later and everyone is picking out one thing as if you only said two sentences and those are we have to stop being the stupid party. in what way do you know that the republicans have the right message, they just don't have the right messaging? >> i made it very clear if that speech. i don't think we need to change our principals, but we need to change them where we don't insult the intelligence of the voters. the president did a great job of trying to divide and scare people. >> we know our ideas. we know they work. we also know the ideas the other guys, they don't work. mr. romney is asking you to pay more to the people -- so that people like him get a tax cut. does that sound like the kind of future that our country can afford? ♪ . >> bottom line in our society, mtv society, i'm going to
4:20 am
remember that granny going over the cliff with that republican tossing him, more than hey, i'd like to show you my restructuring of medicare. how do you dumb it down and win an election? >> so the scare ad, class warfare action so-called war on women, i think we republicans need to reject that. reject that divisiveness and instead appeal toward americans, i think people get it. not every person follows every budget chart or knows every did he say mal point in the budget point, but they know this: they know my family can't spend more money than i take in. how does the government do that? they know no government has been able to spend its way into prosperity. we need to honor the american people's intelligence. >> brian: anyone sees your passion. if anybody wants to be a detainee for president in 2016 like yourself when do you think the decision has to be made? >> anybody on the republican side, even thinking or talking about running for president
4:21 am
2016, i said needs goat their head examined. a majority of the republicans think the government is trying to do too much. we're not winning the conversation. we're not presenting our ideas or in that debate as well as we should be. >> brian: why do you need your head and examined to run for president. why don't you win the debate of ideas? >> the country doesn't need four years of nonstop -- you can't imagine if ronald reagan were alive today, if you were running for office today, this is what he would sway that poor person that was on food stamps or on welfare or signing up for unemployment. he'd say, this poor woman wants a better quality of life for herself and for her children. he would honor the dignity of that person and say, i can provide her a better economic future by putting in place policies that actually work. we need to be having that kind of debate. we need to show people that
4:22 am
there is a different future that goes back to our roots that's all about independence, it's not about government expansion our interference in our lives. it's about individual americans providing for their families and doing better in a growing economy. >> brian: he might not have decided to run yet, but he has a congress background. he did work with president bush in the administration. now he's a successful governor. pretty impresssive resume. >> gretchen: great job. you saw the president skeet shooting. we have the picture you haven't seen. you'll never believe who is behind the gun. right back [ woman ] when you own your own business,
4:23 am
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4:25 am
>> gretchen: time for news by the numbers. the super bowl addition, four hours 14 minutes, that's how long the big game lasted. it's the longest super bowl ever. next, 108 yards, kobe jones setting another record. look at him go.
4:26 am
kick off return to start the second half, the longest in nfl's post season history. and 156 seconds. one more super bowl record for you. that's how long alicia keys' rendition of the national anthem was. it beat natalie cole's version of 152 seconds. >> steve: today is a significant day in our nation's history. on february 4, 1789, george washington was officially elected the first president of the united states. >> gretchen: it turns out he want always so eager about accepting the job. here to explain and discuss his legacy, presidential historian and author of "american phoenix," james hampton cook. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so why was he not so thrilled about becoming president? >> well, he likened it to a culprit, which we would say criminal, going to his execution. when he was -- during the
4:27 am
revolutionary war, he wore his military university to the continental congress that hey, i want to be commander in chiefment he was nervous about trying to keep the country united and to set autopsy permanent nation. that was a really daunting task for george washington. >> steve: sure. he preferred the military service over political service at that time. tell us about this scenario. the electors and what we now know as the electoral college, they all get together and alexander hamilton on that first vote, he had something sneaky going on. explain what happened. >> yes. hamilton was very loyal to george washington. so he heard whispers that the northern delegates were going to vote for john adams. and at that time, each electorate put two names on the balance. whoever got the most votes won president. the runner up was vice president. so he went around saying, hey, don't vote for john adams 'cause he wanted george washington to win resoundingly. of course, he did unanimously with 69 votes. adams got 34. so it embarrassed adams, but it
4:28 am
certainly set up, hey, we had a clear president and it's george washington. >> steve: he eventually became president anyway. >> he did. >> gretchen: i want to read a quote from the first inaugural about the lasting legacy. the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are finally staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the american people. i guess part of his legacy is that he took an idea for a start-up and he turned it into something permanent. >> that's right. he took an idea for a start-up, made a permanent nation. he set precedents. we call him mr. president, not his highness, because george washington did not like his highness. we have two terms now and that was modeled by washington. he also set this idea of preserving liberty, that sacred fire of liberty. he knew he couldn't hold on to it. he couldn't insure it. so he told the people, hey, it's in your hands. that's really the legacy we have today. all the debates you've had on your show so far, that's an example of us insuring our
4:29 am
representative government. >> steve: you sure know your business and your business is history. fax nateing stuff. jane hamptonor of "american phoenix," thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> gretchen: he is a real american hero and the deadliest sniper we had. so why was he murdered? a friend of chris kyle joins us next. >> steve: plus, should americans' female spies look more like this? the government thinks so. wouldn't they stand out? we'll explain the story as "fox & friends" rolls on live from the catwalk hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential.
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4:33 am
♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ come on ♪ hit me with your best shot. >> steve: you saw this picture of the president skeet shooting. here is the picture you haven't seen. that picture right -- come on, bring it up. that's me yesterday at thunder mountain in ringwood, new jersey. >> gretchen: really? >> steve: yeah. my neighbors, frank and greg and i went out there. the interesting thing is, when i'm doing the skeet shooting, it's 22 degrees yesterday. although it was actually a pretty nice day to do it. it was a lot of fun. by the way, unlike the white house, just like the white house, absolutely no photo shopping of that photograph. all right? none. >> gretchen: what are you shooting at?
4:34 am
clay pigeons? >> steve: yep. that's a baretta 410. it was a lot of fun. i hit them with my best shot. meanwhile, brian kilmeade is taking some shots at what went down last night at the super bowl. it was a good show, right? >> brian: i thought it was really good half time show. they put the stage together, i thought it was kind of slow. then all of a sudden you saw the fake water coming down, the fire on the outside. destiny's child, they popped out of the side. i'm not really sure how they did the jack in the box effects. but she was very -- wearing very little. seemed to be in very good shape job did she. >> gretchen: are you speaking like all three of them? >> brian: and destiny's child popped up on either side. together they sang a bunch of songs. sometimes performers are out there and do a great job. but i like when you see a performer and they're happier than the audience. when you saw her close up, she looked happier than the audience to be there. that's all she wanted to do. what a perfect timing for her 'cause she was getting some heat
4:35 am
after her inaugural lib sinking. she was -- lip syncing. she was in the moment. the fake wind blowing her hair, that was fake 'cause we're in a dome. >> steve: no possibility that those 35,000 fans caused the power outages, right? >> brian: i don't think so. but everyone was tweeting it was their fault. jay-z was there. he walked right by us. he was sullen for a change. he had his game face on of the i thought he might be the surprise. my hunch is that jay-z gets the gig in new york. he's an all weather guy. he's a new york/new jersey guy. i think it's a perfect gig for him. >> gretchen: they're already predicting for half time for next year. it was ladies' night, wasn't it, because jennifer hudson also sang, very emotional performance. i thought it was amazing with some of the newtown, connecticut children from the school. this was before the game. let's listen to a little. ♪ america, god shed his grace on
4:36 am
thee ♪ ♪ and crown -- >> gretchen: why she never won "american idol" is beyond me, but she sure made a huge career. this was extremely emotional. you could see it on the players' faces and i'm sure everyone at home. >> brian: isn't it unbelievable, the one thing about the nfl, whether with the military, they manage to capture the moment. to bring out the newtown chorus and choir, these fifth and six ad graders, bring them out, let america know, this is america has game, it's about football, but really about what's going on in the country, i thought they nailed it bringing them out. i thought that was fantastic. i think the players were moved by seeing it. >> steve: i think you're right. alicia keys established a new record. she had the longest national anthem in history. she apparently eclipsed natalie cole a couple years ago.
4:37 am
here she is. ♪ the bombs bursing in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say >> gretchen: what made it so long is that tend, she sort of went on a little bit of her own rendition at thend of it, tacked on a few extra seconds. gout to will have this woman's talent, not only an amazing voice, but she's playing the piano at the same time. >> brian: not many people know this, but she took that piano on in her carry-on. i thought that was tremendous. >> steve: it's an extra 25 bucks. >> brian: i thought she nailed it. the other thing when they said red glare, the 49er fans reacted. hence the red. there is a venetianal ray lewis. >> steve: so a nice summary of the night in entertainment.
4:38 am
stand by, if you missed the game, brian has highlights coming up in a little bit of the game plan. >> gretchen: in the meantime, a couple news headlines. new clues into the death of the new york woman who disappeared vacations alone in turkey. police say 33-year-old sierra died from a blow to the head. they still don't know who killed her or why. cops are questioning at least 11 suspects. she leaves behind two sons and her husband. >> steve: the alabama hostage stand-off entering the 7th day and this morning more details more thanking about the suspect at the center of it. neighbors are painting a picture of 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes as a loner, estranged from his family of the police say he's making his five-year-old hostage as comfortable as possible, supplying him with food, toys, and medicine. meantime, on sunday hundreds of people gathered to remember the bus driver, charles polen, the 66-year-old now hailed as a hero for protecting the other kids on the bus before he was murdered.
4:39 am
>> gretchen: should america's female spies look more like this? the feds apparently think so. women at the c.i.a. recently went to a presentation encouraging them to be more attractive at work. suggestions included wearing make-up and a skirt. really? instead of slacks. and painting their nails. the head of the d.i.a. later apologized, calling the session dumb. brian, i know that one of your favorite spies ever was anna chapman from russia. and she tended to dress up. >> steve: she used nail polish. >> gretchen: and used probably nail polish. can you hear me? >> brian: yeah, i can. i just never fell for her trap. i do believe there is a bigger story there. you know that. because she's hot and has a nice body, people fell for it. i believe the russians are still here. something serious happened overt weekend, i know it affected you guys. chris kyle, american hero, navy seal who set the record for sniper kills because every time
4:40 am
he killed them, another one of our guys survived, he came out. he's adapted to life afterwards, best selling author. he lost his life trying to help a fellow marine adjust to life after serving. he was suffering from ptsd. joining us to put his life in perspective and his pass not guilty perspective is a good friend of our show, sean parnell. can i get your perspective on the type of guy your friend, chris kyle, was and is? >> yeah. chris kyle was an incredible person. all the headlines are that he's the most deadly and proficient sniper in american history. that's part of it. but chris is probable will he one of the most kind, compassionate people that you'd ever meet. he dedicated his life to helping veterans readjust from combat. and that's what i want people to take away from this. >> brian: what do we know about what took place? he takes this marine out to a shooting range and he ends up getting shot in the back, along
4:41 am
with his friend? >> yeah. what i know is that from some of the preliminary reports say that this guy grew up in the same hometown as chris. may have been -- chris may have been contacted by his mother to take this marine out under his wing. chris did that and, you know, took this guy out to the rough creek shooting range for some shooting therapy to help him out and this tragedy happened. a lot of people were asking, why are you taking somebody that's struggling out to go shooting? shooting for guys like us in the military is a very, very familiar skill set. it's like taking a basketball player out to shoot hoops, you know. and so shooting with military veterans that are trying to readjust can be very healing and chris used that well to his advantage to help people. >> brian: like you, best selling author, he came in to talk about his book and i got this one question pulled aside 'cause it shows how patriotic chris is.
4:42 am
listen. >> listen to this. i lived a literal meaning of the land of the free and hope of the brave. it's not corny for me. i feel it in my heart. i feel it in my chest. even at a ball game. you love this country. >> i do. that's one of my pet peeves going to a game or any ehave not and the national anthem comes on and people refuse to remove their ball caps. you have to show respect. that flag is red, white and blue and the red stands fort blood, the guys have spilled, not just the guys here in iraq, afghanistan, but all through our history. you're not going out purposely just trying to kill people and rack up numbers. you're going out to save americans. >> brian: what's the best way, sean, to remember chris? >> as a loving guy. it's devastating. the 99% of the nation is focused on the super bowl, the real 1% is mourning the loss of one of america's greatest heros. it's hard to put into words. >> brian: i know. i appreciate you sharing them
4:43 am
here. very few people can call him a friend, although he does have our respect and we do owe him a lot. sean i that for your service i that for sharing your memories of chris. >> thanks. >> brian: all right. gretch, steve? >> steve: thank you very much, brian. there he is. >> gretchen: coming up next, sorry you can't say freshman or penmanship anymore because it's just too offensive. one state's move to wipe out words like that. >> steve: then, shifting gears, al gore says it's fox news' fault lawmakers in washington can't get anything done. really? from the same guy who just sold his network to al-jazeera? come on, al. >> gretchen: the aflac trivia question of the day. this rocker penned a hit song "school's out." who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak.
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: here is a big question, why can't folks in washington get anything done? former vice president al gore thinks fox news is partially to blame for that. >> because of the if fox news. it's not that complicated. >> gretchen: here to comment on that comment is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. what do you make of that? >> a t made as much sense as it sounded. he's got posttraumatic stress from that big election. he's got litigation let down, al gore. he hasn't been the same since. and so he sees -- when the chicken gets hit by the truck
4:48 am
going across the street, he says, that's fox news. fox news did that. that's not good. but he has gotten a big shellacking from his boys in the main stream media on that sale of current tv to al-jazeera. let's look and see what his pals did to him. >> just sold current tv to al-jazeera, which gets an undetermined amount of funding from the country of qatar, which gets its money from oil reserves. isn't there a contradiction in that? >> i certainly understand that criticism. i disagree with it. >> what is not sustainable about it? >> i mean, a nonfossil fuel-based buyer. >> isn't that one of the problems with global warming, our dependence on the petroleum producing countries? >> yes, it is. and they have -- >> so you, al gore, are doing business with this country that's enabling your ultimate foe. >> that's the essence of credibility. he laughs at the accusations. i understand that, but, ha, ha,
4:49 am
that's not true. this is the ultimate leer jet liberal who has lost his mind. he is richer, though. they made a half billion dollars on it. and you know the reason he says it's a good sale? i'm not going to sell to glenn beck. i'm not going to sell to american media folks. i am going to sell to al-jazeera. you know why? because they're the best at discussing climate change. that's like saying, i'm going to sell it to the nra because they're the best at discussing gun control. they're going to bring the most fair and balanced approach to gun control journalism. it doesn't make sense. he doesn't make sense. i made a vow. i'm not going to talk about him anymore. i'm asking you to make the same vow. >> gretchen: you've made that vow? >> i have. no more. done. >> gretchen: okay. >> no credibility. the alert. >> gretchen: we won't be doing any more segments on al gore with peter johnson. >> no more. >> gretchen: next up, we're stomping out on the plaza.
4:50 am
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>> gretchen: the answer to the aflac question of the day, alice cooper. the winner, jacqueline cotton from bernardsville, new jersey. congratulations. >> steve: national wear red for women day was friday and joining us right here, stephanie marshall, you are with the broadway show "stomp." >> i am. >> steve: you're wearing red. >> i'm wearing red because we're here to stomp out heart disease and to promote awareness and we want to encourage everyone to get checkups and stay on top of
4:54 am
their health and for american heart month. >> steve: one of the things you can do for your health, aside from making sure you go see your doctor and make sure you got cardiac health s get some exercise. and this performance, you'll all wearing red, from "stomp," is very aerobic. >> yes. very active. we definitely get our workout doing the show. it's very active. >> steve: if you haven't seen the show here in new york city, it is fantastic and go on over there and let's see it. ladies and gentlemen, here they are, stomp! ♪
4:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
♪ [ applause ] >> gretchen: all right. fantastic. well, coming up on "fox & friends," the night the lights went out in new orleans. now we know what caused the super dome to go dark. brian is in the big easy and he'll have your answer. then alex baldwin tries to give brian the brushoff? but he's not taking no for an answer. how did that work out?
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, february 5, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. you know what happened last
5:01 am
night, right? yep. the ravens, they're now super bowl champs despite a bizarre blackout that brought the game to a screeching halt. now we know exactly what we we t wrong. >> steve: president obama traveling the country today to fight for stricter gun laws. the head of the nra says americans aren't getting the truth. >> we ought to quit calling it now a universal check. the real title ought to be the check on law abiding people all over this country. >> steve: what do you think about that? we're live at the white house this morning. we're also live in new orleans, brian. >> brian: yes. let's talk superman. this guy tries to pull a superman in a supermarket. but he takes out the whole display. one of the funniest things i believe you will see all day. all coming up on "fox & friends" gets started in the next hour.
5:02 am
♪ . >> steve: did she just throw her skirt into the audience? i think so. the ravens may have won the super bowl, but just as many people are talking about beyonce's half time show this morning of the she brought down the house with some spectacular special effects. actually she herself is a special effect. >> gretchen: no kidding. >> steve: that's good. we have dispatched brian kilmeade down to the big easy for analysis over the last couple of days and brian, over the weekend it was the brian kilmeade news network. you were on about every five minutes. >> brian: we'd chance to talk about sports, but everything else around it. i never saw a super bowl where you talk less about the game itself and more about the other story lines. from ray lewis retiring, to the brothers facing off, to the
5:03 am
families facing off. it was a really interesting build-up and i thought i was stunned to find out that about two-thirds of this town were baltimore fans more than they were san francisco fans. they were almost -- it almost seemed like a home game for the ravens. a lot to do with a purple theme to mardi gras. >> gretchen: then if you thought there was going to be a story just about the game once it actually started to be played, maybe a little bit about the half time performance, nope. instead, there is this 34, 36-minute power outage. do you actually know, brian, what happened? >> brian: i mean, they said, they're getting to the bottom of it. the power authority said they had a power outage. they rectified the situation. it came back slowly because they're back up generators took over. then they tried to deactivate them. the f.b.i. guy said it happened in the afternoon and once again. but anyone who thought it was terror, don't worry about it. it wasn't sabotage. not that they know of.
5:04 am
in terms of the actual game itself, that power outage played a role, i believe, in the san francisco comeback. here is how the whole game went down. when the cannons went off, both teams looked ready to play. but in reality, it was the ravens, not the 49ers, going for the gold. >> touchdown ravens! >> brian: joe flacco on fire. >> flacco to throw. touchdown ravens! >> brian: when jones caught the touchdown pass making it 21-6, flacco's third touchdown strike, the game looked almost over. >> racing to the end zone. >> brian: for us, of it beyonce time. ♪ all the single ladies ♪ all the single ladies ♪ . >> brian: for san fran, time to regroup. >> in the locker room, the guys were saying, come on, come o let's go. we have to believe. we have to keep our spirits high. >> brian: third quarter kickoff. more baltimore. jones again. 28-6.
5:05 am
>> i told them have faith. >> brian: then the unprecedented, the unexpected. a 35-minute power outage. >> service will be restored momentarily. >> brian: the setting surreal. when the power returned, so did the 9er passion. they'd strike for 17 unanswered points. kaepernick with his arm, with his feet. finally, we had a game. >> we made them throw the ball. he got into a rhythm and the kid is special. i take my hat off to him. >> brian: down by 5, essentially would come down to one last play. >> kaepernick throws it! the baltimore ravens have captured super bowl xlvii as joe -- >> it's something you dream about as a kid. i've been fortunate enough to be
5:06 am
in this game and have this experience and it's unbelievable. >> to see my kids and to bring them this championship now where they can understand it, what daddy talks about hard work and never quitting and always believing in your dreams and your goals, there is no better reward of a father to win a ring on your last ride. >> steve: that is so true. brian, is the feeling there in new orleans that without the blackout, it might have been a blowout? >> brian: i think so. steve, after half time, you come out flat and you give off a kickoff for a touchdown, it's hard to imagine if you don't take 30 minutes off, if you don't know when you're going to go back on the field again, it's hard to imagine the momentum switching. however, the 49er fans will say, hey, we came back from 17 points down against atlanta. why wouldn't we be able to do it against baltimore? they said they did make any adjustments in the schemes. they just relaxed and played and in the end, they easily could
5:07 am
have won that game, just as easy because remember, i think it was first and goal at the 5. it ends up being fourth and goal and they failed. >> gretchen: all right. so now the ravens were the super bowl champs. are we going to talk about the commercials? >> steve: we've got an expert who will grade some of the best commercials. we've all got favorites and that's coming up in ten minutes from right now. in the meantime, in just a couple of hours from right now, president obama is going to head to the city formerly known as murderer ross polus to push for gun control legislation. kelly wright live at the white house this morning for a review -- preview of the president's day. good morning. >> down in new orleans, good morning to all of you. you called it murderopolous. minneapolis is the place where the president is going today. i understand why you said that, because minneapolis has been one of those cities, steve, that has been doing something about its issue with gun violence. actually taking several steps to try to bring it to an end.
5:08 am
the president will visit there today. he'll visit communities, talk to people about gun control violence and what he wants to do on a federal level and the president looking forward to trying to getting something done on capitol hill to curb gun violence. having said that, retired astronaut and retired navy captain mark kelly watched his wife, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, give diagram hispanic emotional testimony before a congressional hearing on gun control last week. she was shot by a deranged gunman and kelly says he believes there are responsible solutions that can be taken. >> i think it would have made a big difference. as he tried to reload one, 33 load magazine for another round magazine, he dropped the magazine. that gave time for a woman named patricia mace to grab it and it gave time for a couple people to restrain him. if let's say for a second that that was a ten round magazine and the same thing had happened,
5:09 am
you would have had a lot less people shot, a lot less people murdered. even nine-year-old christina taylor green, born on 9-11 and did not live to see her tenth birthday, she likely would be alive today because she was shot with a bullet after round number 13. >> and mark kelly is also talking about enacting some sort of universal background check, but the national rifle association is against any noire instructions on guns, including universal background checks. it is paving the way for a great legislative battle on capitol hill. >> there is going to be fees. there is going to be paperwork. there is going to be law-abiding people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare and there is going to be abuse in terms of prosecutions and it's all going to affect only the law-abiding people. the criminals could care less. >> the president made it very clear what he would like to see done through congress in terms of legislation to deal with
5:10 am
curbing gun violence. that is a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazine rounds, as you heard mark kelly discuss, and those universal background checks would include not only criminal background checks, but also mental health issues as well. so it's shaping up as we've all been watching, to be an intense battle on what people will do about this issue to curb gun violence. back to you. >> steve: all right, kelly wright on this chilly day in washington, thank you. >> gretchen: now the rest of your headlines. at least eight people have died, dozens injured after a tour bus crashes on a mountain road in southern california. officials say the bus returning to tijuana, mexico from the big bear resort area had brake trouble. it slammed into the back of a car, flipped over and crashed into a truck towing a trailer. several people were ejected. it took almost two hours to rescue other victims trapped inside. less than a day before, 35 people, mostly high school students, were injured when their bus slammed into an overpass in boston.
5:11 am
several remain in serious condition. he died at the hands of a marine he was trying o help. 25-year-old eddie ray ruth charged now with the murder of his mentor, decorated navy seal, chris kyle, along with one other man. it's believed the two had been treating ruth to a day at a texas gun range to help him deal with his posttraumatic stress after years of fighting in iraq. retired army ranger sean parnell remembered his good friend earlier on "fox & friends." >> kyle was an incredible person. all the headlines are that he's the most proficient sniper in american history and that's part of it. but chris is president-elect obama one of the most kind, passionate people that you would ever meet and he dedicated his life to helping veterans readjust from combat and that's what i want people to take away from this. >> gretchen: here is chris last year talking to brian. >> you have to show respect. that flag is red, white and blue.
5:12 am
the red stands fort blood the guys have spilled. not just the guys here in iraq, afghanistan, but all through our history. you're not going out purposely just trying to kill people and rack up numbers. you're trying to save americans. >> gretchen: chris kyle's accused killer being held on $3 million bond. say farewell to freshman. the final bill to ban gender specific language in washington state is one step closer to becoming law now. words like freshman, penmanship, and dare whether or not ann will all be a thing of the pass if it is actually passed. right now it's headed for debate in the state senate. words like clergyman, fireman, policeman, have been eliminated. some critics say there are more important things to focus on, like jobs and the economy. supporters say the terms are insulting to women. and those are your headlines. >> steve: okay. coming up on this monday, alec baldwin tries to give brian the brushoff.
5:13 am
>> alec, brian kilmeade. >> just a few inches away. he says he's going to do local and then walk over to us. let's see. >> steve: how did that work out? brian will tell us the dynamics behind the scenes. >> gretchen: then, what was the best super bowl commercial? an expert here to weigh in on the good, the bad and the ugly. we should have led with that baldwin stuff. that was fantastic, brian. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: from running a root beer stand to a global hotel empire, the marriott family is a shining example of the american dream. j.w. bill marriott, junior is executive chairman and chairman of the board of marriott international and he's written a
5:17 am
new book that details the secret behind his success. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: many people want goat their hands on this because obviously you have created an empire. but it all goes back to your parents, right, and you want to credit their success. >> that's right. they laid a great foundation. they put people first. they learned early on if you take good care of your employees, they'll take good care of the customers and the customers will come back. >> gretchen: we're looking now at some old-time pictures. tell us how it all started out. >> they came to washington, d.c. in a model t ford from salt lake city on their wedding day, took them 11 days. when they got to washington, they opened an a. and w. root beer stand. dad had $500. when the weather got called, they had a hot dog stand. they grew the restaurant business, then 30 years later opened their first hotel. >> gretchen: then you were in charge? >> i took over the first hotel and when i asked my dad if i could run the hotel, he said,
5:18 am
you don't know anything about the hotel business. i was 25 years old. i said, no, neither does anybody else around here. so i went ahead and did the best i could. i got arnie southernson, who is a good lutheran and wonderful executive and been in training really for the ceo job for several years. >> gretchen: let's talk a little bit about some of the things that happened when you run a huge conglomerate like did you and you do. for example, health care. a big thing for corporate executives. now we have obamacare. how has that affected your corporation? >> we don't know what the final numbers are going to be on obamacare. we know that it's going to be meaningful for us in terms of covering more people because right now, you have to work 30 hours a week to get health care coverage with marriott. but we cover everybody over 30 hours a week. when this goes into effect, we have to cover 100% of our people, whether we're at 15 or 20 hours a week or whatever they work and we
5:19 am
know they will be meaningful cost increases. >> gretchen: how do you propose you'll be able to handle that? >> we have to suck up some of it and pass it on to employees. they'll have to pay a little more. >> gretchen: let's talk about government regulations. this is also a hot topic now on capitol hill and the impact potentially on trying to start up businesses. how do you see it? >> government regulations just continue to overwhelm everybody. most people don't understand them. there is thousands and thousands of pages of regulations. we do the very best we can as a public corporation to abide by all the regulations that are out there. but it's a downer for the economy. we've got to grow the economy. we've got to get the economy growing again. we're not going to solve problems until business starts investing and growing the economy again. that's really the answer to everything that needs to be done. >> gretchen: one thing i'd love to mention is that your new book, you are going to be supporting some programs with the proceeds. which programs? >> well, we're going to give a lot of money to probably medical and educational programs.
5:20 am
and we are really big sponsors of education, particularly in hospitality industry. we've supported all the big major hospitality universities that teach about lodging and restaurants and food and beverage and that type of thing. >> gretchen: the book is called "without reservation, how a family root beer stand grew into a global hotel company." great to meet you. >> thanks. nice to be here. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" straight ahead >> steve: and remember when the president promised he would not tax the middle class? well, did your middle class paycheck take a hit? the president says he's not done yet. then, a look at this, he tries to pull a superman in a super mart, but this guy takes down the whole display with a sngle bound. funniest thing you'll see all day. straight ahead [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
5:21 am
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>> gretchen: 22 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. in less than three hours a funeral will be held for former new york city mayor ed koch. bill clinton will help remember koch. the former president attending the funeral on behalf of president obama. and a war dog gets a hero's welcome in california. he saved the lives of hundreds of u.s. troops while deployed in afghanistan. she lost her leg while on a bomb sniffing mission. now she travels the country promoting a new military working dog memorial. steve? >> steve: that's nice, thanks. tax to the max. indeed, the president had a little surprise in store for last night's super bowl interview, just before the show.
5:25 am
the government needs to collect even more money in taxes, the president said. listen. >> so i'm not hearing you say read my lips, no new taxes. you think there is going to have to be additional revenue over the next four years? >> there is no doubt we need additional revenue, coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficit. and we can do it in a gradual way so it doesn't have a huge impact. as i said, when you look at some these deductions that certain folks are able to take advantage of, the average person can't take advantage of them. >> steve: then he goes on to talk about his plan. the american people already saw their taxes go up this year. can they really take another hit? joining us now, a panel, a campus police officer in the new york city area. cellen is the president of kellnn project and an insurance agent from new hampshire. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> steve: glenn, let's start with you. the president made it very clear
5:26 am
in the run up to the election he was only going to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires, yet your taxes went up. you feel surprised, misled? >> well, not really. you know, i do feel that the president lied to the american people 'cause as you stated before, he did state that he would not raise taxes on the middle class. when i looked at my paycheck, i got a pleasant surprise when i seen that about $30 in my paycheck has now dwindled out of my every two weeks that i get paid. also -- >> steve: general lawson, in a month almost 70 bucks a month? >> yeah. if you average that out throughout the year, it will wind up being close to $1,000 in pay cut. >> steve: you're not millionaire? >> no. >> steve: kellen, tell us about your situation. >> yes. i have a small business management firm and we definitely noticed a tax hike. i noticed it in the way my
5:27 am
employees reacted when they got their first paycheck of the year. but also is i'm just building up as many cash reserves as possible to withstand the new capital gains tax increase they're proposing and who know what is they're going to try and get through this year. it's just really disappointing because the past two quarters has really just delayed our growth and my business partners' growth and other people who do business with. we see them hoarding cash and kind of waiting to see what happens. >> steve: apparently we cracked into your computer because we've got some of your financial information here. it looks like you're losing the bottom line, $225 a month. do you blame one party in washington more than another, because in the run up to the election, the republicans were very clear they didn't want anybody's taxes to go up and your taxes have gone up now. >> yeah, there has definitely been a misleading from both parties where the republicans claim they're going to fight to protect the taxpayers checks and
5:28 am
the democrats are saying the middle class taxes are not going up. but you see the democrats lying about it and you see the republicans not doing anything to fight wholeheartedly about it because leading up to the fiscal cliff, there is a lot of talk about taxing the rich and where that line was going to be. but ultimately, not many people were talking about or forth coming with the payroll tax cut, which is ironic because in 2011, they had the payroll tax cut as part of the stimulus package, which it really didn't help too much the now it's gone back up. >> steve: it all started as a tax holiday and then became a hangover for a lot of people. spencer, let's look at your situation. it looks as if in your monthly paychecks you're down about 70 bucks as well. is this fair what's happening to you and everybody else? >> steve, what the president doesn't realize is that this economy is never going to grow if we don't stimulate small business and every dollar he
5:29 am
takes from me is -- as a small business owner is another dollar i don't have to invest in my business and hire new employees. i'm a trusted choice, independent insurance agent and i work with small business owners every day talking about their future plans and talking about their payroll estimates. people are suffering. really the problem, in my mind, is this president doesn't understand small business. he's never owned a small business. he's never run a small business. he's never had to meet a payroll. he's never had to balance a book. and he's out of touch with reality. >> steve: spencer, do you feel that before the election the president said, i'm only going to raise taxes on millionaire examines billionaires. you're not one of those, but your taxes went up. do you feel misled? >> i actually don't, steve, because i understand that this president was going to raise taxes in general and i knew he was going to try to find it anywhere he could. elections have consequences and we're seeing the effects right now. this does not surprise me that this has happened. >> steve: all right. we certainly thank all of you guys for joining us all over the mr. us. glenn here in new york, kellen
5:30 am
in the capitol and spencer up in new hampshire today. he's from connecticut. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: allall right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. were you misled? next up, a man caught waving knives outside buckingham palace. wait 'til you see how police take that guy down. then alec baldwin tries to give brian the brushoff. but brian not taking no for an answer. he's determined. >> alec, brian kilmeade from massapequa. >> not right now. >> brian: just a few inches away. he says he's going to do local and then walk over to us. let's see. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend.
5:31 am
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[♪...] >> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. it's a cute one today. check it out. the puppy bowl mvp this year the most valuable puppy, martha, she takessen on puppies twice her size. she was one of the smaller pups on the field burks showed her big heart. the puppy bowl ref called her deceptively athletic as she ran a toy in for a touchdown. >> steve: yesterday before the big game, i was in a sports bar, brian kilmeade, they turned the puppy bowl on for a little while and people go, what are you doing! but we watched it for about a half hour. >> brian: so you flipped it on, steve, so they were yelling at you? >> steve: somebody else did it. somebody else was in charge of the remote.
5:35 am
>> gretchen: you were used to that yesterday, right? >> brian: yes. so listen to this, the nfl honor where is they give the mvp out and best come back player. the second year they're doing it. second year in a row alec baldwin is on the red carpet. he is the only baldwin that i am not friendly with. all the other ones are really friendly with. >> steve: because they're from the same town. >> brian: i thought this would be an opportunity to break the ice. i thought i could just put out my hand and tell him where i was from and we could talk about the problems he might have with fox. but i wanted to break the ice. so let's look at my quest -- this never happens to you guys, i know. but my quest to talk to someone who really doesn't like me. it's about to happen of the as you see, pan over. alec baldwin, the host of the show, fellow guy from massapequa. the only baldwin i have yet to befriend. this will be the moment he walks
5:36 am
by me or wants to walk by me. or stops and says it's about time. i'm the only baldwin you don't know. alec, brian brain from massapequa. says he's coming back. >> not right now. >> brian: he's just a few inches away. he says he's going to do local and come back. let's see. jubilant. yet leery. >> brian: how proud would your dad be? how proud would be be to know you're hosting an event like this? >> i don't think he'd believe it. but my dad coached football in massapequa high school for 25 years. >> brian: which is where i went. >> that's funny. yeah, i am a huge nfl fan and i have been all my life. when these guys asked me to do
5:37 am
this, it was a lot of fun. it's a fun show and the writing is fun. as you can imagine, the most fun for me was to get to come back and meet these men who i idolized. to hang out with manti te'o month. even talk to them for -- these guys do things that you and i only dream about. 'cause it's funny how when i was a kid, you ever dream about winning the oscar. you dream about winning the super bowl. >> brian: they want to meet you. >> yeah. maybe, i don't know. i'm like this is their world and we're here to pay tribute to them. >> brian: how often do i come up with billy and steve and danny at all? not at all? >> you? at least once every 15 years. >> brian: thank you. i think we're off to a good start. >> steve: you're off to -- hallelujah! he's your friend now, brian! way to go! [ laughter ] >> brian: give may second. give me a second. we broke the ice.
5:38 am
special thanks to mozart for the piano. appreciate it. how pathetic was that, though, to see me begging like that? >> gretchen: you know what, brian, that took some guts, i got to tell you. >> steve: very nice. >> brian: i deal well with rejection, as you both know. >> steve: it looks like he was blowing everybody off on that first couple of passes. then he eventually talked to you. >> gretchen: i don't know. >> brian: steve always tries to spin it positively. he he was always trying to spin me off. >> gretchen: brian, you have to watch how his wife was reacting to you. >> brian: i know. people in this world who aren't going to like me, he's one of them. but i'm not going to quit. i could just hang out with billy, danny and steven, but, no, no, i got to get that guy. >> steve: if there is deliberation, i think it's just from your past history at massapequa. nothing more than that. >> brian: my prediction within two years, he's guest hosting for us? you sick today, brian? i'll fill in.
5:39 am
>> steve: the invitation stands. more with brian in a couple minutes. now we've got monday morning headlines. switching gears, the alabama hostage stand-off entering day seven. this morning more details emerging about the suspects. neighbors are painting a picture of 65-year-old jimmy dykes as a loner, estranged from his own family. despite days of negotiations, police now admit they have little to go on, few demands north texas -- no sense of when it will end. hundreds much people gathered to remember the hero bus driver who protected the other kids on the bus before he was murdered. >> gretchen: take a look at this, a knife wielding man tasered outside of buckingham palace yesterday. it happened in the middle of the changing of the guard ceremony. the man held one knife to his throat. another to his chest. he then lunged at a cop when they tried to intervene. he was tasered and arrested. queen elizabeth and prince philip were not at the palace at the time. >> steve: check this out. a grocery store worker in russia
5:40 am
tries to jump a chain but doesn't get the height he needs as he hits the deck, he sets off a chain reaction and takes some nearby shelves with him. not to worry, he wasn't hurt. his only bruise, the one to his ego because now this video has gone viral. kaboom. >> gretchen: forget what everyone is talking about, the super bowl ads. which ones were a hit and which ones missed the mark? >> steve: let's talk to the president of north american cone and wolf, pr agency. jim joseph joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we're going to go through some of your favorite ads and we're going to start with the one that even though he died in 2009, paul harvey narrated one. >> it was a huge hit. i think it's because the brand put the consumer first. they talked about the american farmer, how you're not going to score when do you that? >> gretchen: you also loved tide. no stain is sacred.
5:41 am
what was so great about it? >> that was a really great example of using event marketing. >> steve: are you talking about the salsa stain, like joe montana. >> a great story with a really big surprise ending. all of a sudden, it was from tide. it just sort of blew everybody away. it was a big surprise hit. >> steve: we can reveal the ending. >> we can. no stain is sacred. >> steve: that's right. the guy's wife washed the jersey and there it goes. another sentimental favorite of a lot, it won usa today's ad meter was the clydesdale ad. they're good at it. i think i read they have won a dozen of these awards. >> they are impeccable. taking the equity in the clydesdales and just bringing it to a whole new level, whole emotional level. it really got women. i was hosting a twitter party and the women were going crazy over the emotional connection of watching this man raise this horse to great success and to be >> steve: where was the at
5:42 am
thisser party? >> a whole bunch of us gather on twitter and we're tweeting -- >> steve: you don't talk to each other? >> we're commenting all the time about the ads. it was a blast. >> gretchen: you got to love bud reaching out to the women. very, very smart. let's talk about the ones that you did not like. you thought they were the worst. another bud one, but black crown launch. >> bud is known for launching new products during the super bowl. last night was no exception. the folks at my twitter party and a lot of the buzz was saying that it felt elitist coming from a mass mega brand like bud. a little exclusionary. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: how about the next one? on the super dome itself is the name mercedes benz. you would think they would have a great ad. >> it was one of the most hyped without a doubt. lots of teasers all in the latter part of the weeks. people were waiting in anticipation to see what would happen. it seemed to sort of go with a thud. didn't quite resonate. the price point of mercedes talking about low pricing didn't seem to connect with folks.
5:43 am
>> steve: overall, would you say it was a good year or bad year for ads? >> i wouldn't say it was a bad year. but it was not a banner year. i think the last couple of years have been more spectacular. it was very hard to really find a lot of commercials that really connected with folks. >> steve: you missed the talking animals. >> exactly. >> gretchen: we didn't miss you this morning. thanks for stopping by. great to sigh. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up, phil mickleson took heat for speak out on high tax rates. our next guest says only fools will actually stay in california. >> steve: then listen up, parents, this new advice is causing a lot of controversy. you want your kids to succeed? then let them fail. the guy who wrote the book on it joins to us explain why it works
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you. should america's best female spies look like this woman and these women? apparently the feds think so. women at the department of -- dia went to a presentation encouraging them to be more attractive at work. okay. suggestions included wearing make-up, wearing a skirt, painting their nails. the head of the d.i.a. later apologized, calling the session dumb. don't call 911 if your car gets stolen in chicago. windy city's new dispatch strategy eliminating police officers from responding to nonlife-threatening situations. the move is supposed to free up cops so they can respond to more serious crimes. let's get serious with brian in the big easy. >> brian: one of the big stories last week not only phil mick
5:48 am
mickleson, but when he came out and said, i am tired of paying such high taxes. 60% of my income goes to uncle sam or aunt in california because the tax rates in the state have gone up. so over the past two years, phil mickleson will be heartened to know at the leaves california, he's not alone. over 100,000 people have left california for states like texas, florida, arizona, and tennessee over the last two years. these are thousands of people who left a beautiful state because they can't afford it. our next guest is telling his california clients to leave for greener pastures. joining us now is managing partner at chapwood investments, ed. why leave? is it just the taxes to save money? >> brian, it's a great point. it's not just the taxes. it's also the cost of living increase year over year. so when you combine the increase in taxes, the cost of living increase, i mean, many times,
5:49 am
you would be an absolute fool not to leave california to go to another state. a lot of people, brian, are going to scottsdale, arizona, when they leave california. it's an income tax there, but it pales in comparison to california. >> brian: look at this, phoenix residents, this is how much more you can get for your money let alone save money by not paying high taxes. you live in phoenix, you can earn 237% less and -- 27% less and have the same living standard as a los angeles residents. if you live if nashville, which is a choice of many people. 29% less than an l.a. residents, you could earn 29% less and still live at the same cost of living. a lot of people say like joe biden, ed, do your patriotic duty, pay taxes. what do you say to that? >> how about your faith patriotic duty is get and the out and grow this economy and then we'll have more tax revenue versus taxing people. everyone has a threshold of pain. what everyone needs to do is their own little personal austerity calculation and figure out is it worth it?
5:50 am
is that ocean in california worth living near? if so, then that's fine. but you need to really get micro and not just sit back and accept that oh, i'm going to pay taxes and have blind loyalty to the state of california or some of these other states that continue to tax you. do what you need to do that's best for your family. >> brian: when the people vote, they vote to up the taxes on millionaires in california. that's why they're leaving for texas and florida and most professional athletes are going to fort lauder dale, including some that work in new york. thanks so much for your insight to give people the other perspective 'cause phil mickleson got a lot of grief for his positions last week. thanks so much. >> he sure did. >> brian: back to you in the studio. >> gretchen: next up, this advice causing a lot of controversy. let your kids fail up. the guy who wrote book on it explains why it works. first, let's check in with martha for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> good morning. america's deadliest sniper, an american navy seal hero, killed
5:51 am
at a shooting range. what happened? we are still trying to piece this together this morning. we've got more for you. and new details on the mom who went to turkey on a solo vacation and never made it home. the battle over gun rights and bill hemmer joins us from the super bowl. we'll see you at the top of the hour progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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5:54 am
>> steve: how children succeed. that's what we're talk being right now. parents, listen up. because one author says letting our children fail can be beneficial and that failure is a key component in developing strong characteristics to survive later in life. >> gretchen: joining us is that author, paul tuff, a father and giving a lot of feedback from this best selling book "how children succeed." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: there is so much to get through, i encourage all parents to go out and read this
5:55 am
because there are some very different points of view. let's start with up with of your tips, which is to praise children's efforts, but in a certain way. what? >> well, the idea at the center of the book is that we've been putting way too much emphasis on i.q. and what we need to help children build up is character strengths like grit and curiousity and conscientiousness. the reality is that when we praise kids for their talent, when we tell them you're geniuses, it makes them think this is something they can't control. it's something they're born with. when we communicate to them that why they succeed asked because of hard work, when we praise their efforts, it sends them a very different message. it says i've got to try harder. i can actually make a difference in how well i do. that has a positive impact on how kids do in challenges going forward. >> steve: absolutely. also i know a lot of type a parents, helicopter parents. they need to and this is one of your tips -- let your kids fail every once this a while.
5:56 am
>> yeah. that's a big one. i can sympathize with those parents because i feel like there is something deep in my dna and all of our dna that wants free continuing our kids from -- protect our kids from failure. but the reality is when kids don't have the opportunity to really fail, to struggle at something, they miss out on these character building opportunities, like grit and self-control are born out of failure. when we protect our kids too much and don't let them experience real failure, they miss out on that opportunity to develop those strengths. >> gretchen: in fact, in the book you talk about i.q. versus some of those characteristics, like curiousity, perseverance, conscientiousness, gratitude, grit. you say that those end up being better predictors of how well kids will do in life. why? >> i think for a lot of reasons. i went and look at research if a lot of different fields, economics and neuro science and psychology. all pointing in the same direction. i.k. matters. it helps to be smart. but we put way too much emphasis
5:57 am
on it. the reality is that if kids have things like grit and self-control, they can leverage that intelligence. they can deal with real problems in life. if all they have is i.q., they're going to meet those challenges and get completely derailed. >> steve: i read that one of the things about going through the process of writing this book, you now, as a parent, are more relaxed. you're not in such a murray to have your kid be the first one to read and counting. >> you're right. i was one of those anxious parents when my son was born of the i thought i had to get those mozart cd's right there in the maternity ward. but reading all of this research helped me to calm down. a lot of what i'm trying to do now that my son is 3 1/2 is to pull back a little bit, relax. let him solve more of his own problems, to fall sometimes and not always get helped back up. i think that's really what he wants. he wants to demonstrate his independence. the more i let him, the more i
5:58 am
think he'll develop these character strengths that will make a huge difference for him. >> steve: he may be three, but he needs to be his own man. >> exactly. >> gretchen: he needs to fail, according to you, to succeed. this is an amazing book. paul tough, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: right back to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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